What technology do firefighters use?

Technology is constantly changing the way we live our lives, and the fire service has not been immune to this change. Firefighters are using apps, drones, and even robots to keep people safe and extinguish fires more quickly than ever before. Check out these seven technology trends in the fire service to learn more about what firefighters use in their work.

The Beginning

The fire service is often one of the first responders to emergencies, and as such, it’s crucial that they have as much information at their fingertips as possible in order to assess any situation quickly. Firefighters carry beepers, two-way radios, and cell phones—not to mention keys and flashlights—and many carry more than one of each device just in case one goes down. They also keep a first aid kit with them at all times. These are all important tools, but recent developments in technology mean that there are even more ways for them to access critical information.

In fact, some departments allow firefighters on every shift to carry a tablet or an iPad so they can access data without having to request it from command center staff during an emergency. Some fire departments even include rugged tablets among standard equipment for their rescue units because these devices are especially useful when working outside or in difficult conditions.

Mobile Devices

In today’s society, mobile devices are a big part of our lives. And, as a firefighter, you need to know how to utilize these devices in emergency situations. All firefighters should learn how to quickly access and send a text or email that will help them in times of crisis. Whether it is medical information about an injured person or information on what type of extinguisher to use, being able to locate and send information via a mobile device can save someone’s life. So check out these resources for more info: • Texting 911 – how does it work?

Rescue Tools

Your everyday firefighter is likely to carry a radio and a fire ax as their rescue tools, or at least that’s what they did in your grandfather’s time. Today’s firefighting equipment, though, has evolved with technology—and you can bet tomorrow’s will too. The problem is that there are more types of equipment available than ever before, and with today’s tight budgets it can be hard to decide what tools would be best for your department. Here’s an overview of some modern-day options:

When it comes to size, think about not only your overall department budget but also how many members you have on staff. Ladder ladders might be bigger than straight ladders; pry bars can come in different sizes; collapsible stretchers vary by length.

Station Equipment

There are many pieces of equipment that your local fire department uses to perform its duties. Here is a list of a few Fire Hydrant, Fire Truck, Fire Axe, Breathing Apparatus, Water Hose, Goggles, and Helmet. Each piece of equipment has its own purpose for being used on duty at all times in case there’s an emergency situation where they need to respond immediately and put out a fire quickly or rescue someone from burning a building or car accident.

The Future

In today’s world, technology has become so widespread that it would be surprising if there weren’t a technological device for almost every human activity. Firefighting is no exception to that rule; in fact, when it comes to firefighting, there are several advanced technologies used by modern-day firefighters.

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